Magda's latest permanent exhibition went live earlier this month in the $3.4 billion dollar MGM Cotai .


It is on in The Spectacle, the world’s largest display of permanent LED video screens, with 25 of them that are four stories high and as long as a football field. The digital art shown in the Spectacle features world renowned artists Joel Sartore, Magda Indigo, Garth Williams, Rob Kesseler and Wolfgang Stuppy.


The Spectacle is in the atrium of the MGM Cotai.

I was born in Bruges, Belgium and now live in the UK. I have been a professional photographer for over 25 years. My images are used on book covers, in films, on TV and for advertising and communications for global brands including Apple, Google, Harper Collins, Microsoft, Samsung, Hallmark and American Express.

I've had numerous international exhibitions and my work is regularly featured on design and fine art websites and in printed publications. I'm a Getty Images Artist.


Creative, inspirational and driven to constantly achieve perfection; I aim to add fun and humour to every project we embark on.

My camera and lens are the extension of my emotive vision, the inner me. I like sharing those precious moments. If I had not seen and recorded it there and then, words would be very inadequate, so my pictures have their own language.

I do not talk to flowers but I do gladly listen with my eyes.

When you see my images, I hope they will speak to you and release an emotion. I hope so, because then I’m happy and have reached my goal.

I want to live life to the fullest and share the beauty in people, nature and everything around us, to give joy and to see the world in a different, uplifting and hopeful way. I want to inspire people to protect the environment and care more for each other.

To do this I use photography, video and writing to help organisations, businesses and individuals tell their story.

My images are available for commercial and editorial use under both Rights Managed and Royalty Free licensing models. And also available as fine art prints, on canvas, metal, acrylic and framed.

To start a conversation, use our contact form, whether it's to commission work, buy image use licences or just to connect with a guy who has lots of ideas. |'d love to hear from you.

I am a Getty Images artist and write a leading photography blog called Beyond the Obvious.

I love this quote from Maya Angelou: 'My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humour, and some style.'


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