I am an artist and professional communicator living in the United Kingdom. I use photography, video and words to document culture and our shared human experience.

My images are published in a wide range of media and I'm a Getty Images artist.

I write a photography blog called Beyond the Obvious. I am on numerous social media platforms (links here) and I am happy to connect with fellow creatives, editors, art directors, curators and marketers.


I was born in Bruges, Belgium and now live in the UK.

My camera and lens are the extension of my emotive vision, the inner me. I like sharing those precious moments. If I had not seen and recorded it there and then, words would be very inadequate, so my pictures have their own language.

I do not talk to flowers but I do gladly listen with my eyes.

When you see my images, I hope they will speak to you and release an emotion. I hope so, because then I’m happy and have reached my goal.

Pink and blue gerbera flowers by Magda Indigo.



I'm not a person that was raised around art.  Art in our family was the jokes in the Saturday Evening Post magazine (that's how far back I go!).  I discovered Magda Indigo's flowers on-line .  I thought, hmmm, nice pictures.  After a few weeks, I realized that art is found in photographs, too, not just museums. 

Eventually, I ordered a book (I have no room for a canvas of her flowers in my small place), as a gift to myself.  My gift arrived late yesterday.  It is so much more than I imagined.  I helped pick out flowers I particularly like or that have meaning to me.  Magda picked out others that I know she knew I would love.  That's the kind of person she is.  So, I have daffodils that remind me of "Dr. Zhivago" around the time of my son's birth; white roses that remind me of my father-in-law, who I only knew for a year; red roses that were significant to me because my father took them to my mom when I was born.  I could go on.  All of this is significant because it is MY BOOK.  It is specific to me.  Highest quality paper and printing.  The best gift of all is the beauty, the kindness, the spirit in which it was made.  Thank you Magda

Pat Rogers


Media coverage

Read this article about Magda Indigo's photography by Jill Brooke, a CNN correspondent, an EIC at Travel Savvy, Avenue and Show Circuit, a columnist for the New York Post, Ad Week and Metropolitan Home, as well as writing for the New York Times.